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Bordeaux-Waterloo Research Grants


To support collaboration initiatives between the University of Bordeaux (UBx) and the University of Waterloo (UW) in diverse research fields including: artificial intelligence and health; functional materials; nanoscience; health and environment; water; energy and aging.

The intent is to not only support collaboration, but to also facilitate strong research partnerships, advance grand challenge research and leverage significant new funding opportunities for these institutions. 

Impact statistics:

Since 2015, 34 projects have been funded by UBx and UW, totaling over $900,000CDN (approx. €627,000). These projects have subsequently generated funding for both institutions, including over €1,000,000 in new grants awarded to UBx researchers, over $920,000CAD in new grants awarded to UW researchers, and over €1,800,000 awarded to international partner projects as a result of collaboration between UBx and UW.

Moreover, projects have also resulted in 63 conferences hosted or attended, over 30 new innovations and technologies (broadly defined), 135 joint publications (as per InCites data from 2009 to 2020), one spin-off company and one patent filed. 

Our institutions are ideally matched with promising potential to make major joint developments in nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, as well as several other areas of research that could significantly impact science and society.

Terry McMahon - professor of chemistry, University of Waterloo